Max Keiser: Warren Buffett’s rejection of the USD will push Bitcoin

Max Keiser: Warren Buffett’s rejection of the USD will push Bitcoin

Max Keiser, an ardent supporter of Bitcoin (BTC), found that Warren Buffett’s departure from the U.S. economy could be a catalyst for Bitcoin.

Impact of the Fed’s Recent Announcement on Bitcoin

Does Warren Buffett turn his back on the US dollar?
Yesterday Reuters reported that Warren Buffett decided to focus his attention on Japan. Basically, Berkshire Hathaway bought a 5% stake in each of the five largest trading houses in the Asian country.

This was much talked about in the media, since it marks Warren Buffett’s exit from the United States as a strategy to diversify. In other words, the recent investment allows Berkshire to reduce its dependence on the U.S. economy.

In this sense, it is one of the last actions taken by large investors in the current context of the U.S. economy. And, around it, it is believed that the Fed’s decisions could favor Bitcoin.

As we previously reported in Crypt Trend, the Fed reported last week that it would allow the country’s inflation to exceed the 2% target. In other words, it will continue to print money.

Obviously, the news further increased the uncertainty in the markets around the US dollar. And it also raises spirits in the Bitcoin community.

Will Warren Buffett push Bitcoin’s price to $50,000?

Impact on BTC
Much has been discussed about how this situation will affect Bitcoin (BTC). However, the scenario is still not very clear.

Despite this, Max Keiser, pointed out on Twitter that Buffett’s recent investment in Japan confirms that it is moving away from the US dollar.

And therefore, Keiser considers this to be a prelude to Bitcoin Storm reaching a new record, including gold and silver.

In fact, last week, before the so-called „Buffett Indicator“ warned of a fall in the stock market, Anthony Pompliano bet that Buffett will buy Bitcoin any day now.

At the time, however, Keiser claimed that Buffett’s entry into gold would indirectly push Bitcoin’s price to $50,000.

These comments came after Berkshire Hathaway decided to close its position at Goldman Sachs to acquire a share in Barrick Gold, the Canadian-based gold mining company.

Clearly, Buffett’s strategy is to reduce its dependence on the US economy. In addition to not betting on the banking industry in the long term.

So far, we haven’t seen a major impact on Bitcoin. However, at any moment the market could react and catapult the price of cryptomoney.